Move sub site to new Site Collection in a new Content Database with PowerShell

Here’s the whole script for you to copy and paste. Just save it as a .ps1 file and run it as a farm account:

$ErrorActionPreference = “Continue”;
#Get input from user
$name = Read-Host “Enter New Site Collection Name”;
$site = Read-Host “Enter New Site Collection URL”;
$dbname = Read-Host “Enter Content Database Name”;

#Default values
$owner1 = “domain\owner1”;
$owner2 = “domain\owner2”;
$server = “MY_CONTENT_DB_ALIAS”;
$webapp = “”;

#Create content db
Write-Host “Creating Content DB”
New-SPContentDatabase -Name $dbname -DatabaseServer $server -WebApplication $webapp | out-null
Write-Host “Content DB Created Sucessfully”

#Create the site collection
Write-Host “Creating Site Collection $site”
New-SPSite -URL $site -OwnerAlias $owner1 -SecondaryOwnerAlias $owner2 -ContentDatabase $dbname | out-null
Write-Host “Site Collection $site Created Sucessfully”

#Set the content db so it will only contain 1 site collection
Get-SPContentDatabase -Site $site | Set-SPContentDatabase -MaxSiteCount 1 -WarningSiteCount 0
Write-Host “Set Content DB to only contain 1 Site Collection”

#Export baseline site collection
Write-Host “Exporting New Baseline Site Collection”
export-spweb -identity -path d:\backup\baseline\baseline.cmp -force -includeusersecurity
Write-Host “Exported Baseline Site Collection Sucessfully”

#Import the baseline site
Write-Host “Importing Baseline into new Site Collection”
Import-SPWeb -Identity $site -Path d:\backup\baseline\baseline.cmp -includeusersecurity -force
Write-Host “Baseline Imported Sucessfully”

#Delete the unwanted default groups
Write-Host “Deleting Site Groups”
$web = get-SPWeb $site

$objSiteGroup = $web.SiteGroups[“Designers”]
Write-Host “Designers Deleted”

$objSiteGroup = $web.SiteGroups[“Hierarchy Managers”]
$web.SiteGroups.Remove(“Hierarchy Managers”)
Write-Host “Hierarchy Managers Deleted”

$objSiteGroup = $web.SiteGroups[“Approvers”]
Write-Host “Approvers Deleted”

$objSiteGroup = $web.SiteGroups[“Style Resource Readers”]
$web.SiteGroups.Remove(“Style Resource Readers”)
Write-Host “Style Resource Readers Deleted”

#Add additional users as site collection administrators
$sp_web = Get-SPWeb $site

#Add first user
$Email = “”
$sp_web.AllUsers.Add($Account, $Email, “”, “”)
$user = Get-SPUSER -identity $Account -web $site

#Add second user
$Email = “”
$sp_web.AllUsers.Add($Account, $Email, “”, “”)
$user = Get-SPUSER -identity $Account -web $site

Write-Host ” “
Write-Host “Site Collection at” $site “has been created in the” $dbname “content database” -ForegroundColor Yellow

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